Tuesday, 19 June, 2018
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Future of the Park

The Taguspark is developing a strategy for urban development in order to prepare the future that passes through:

  • Revitalize the urban model for the consolidation of a centrality, constituting an integrated offering of life – Work-Live-Learn-Play – and a dynamic pole of economy of the knowledge, innovation and creativity.
  • Evolve to a sustainable mobility, privileging the progressive transfer to the accessibility of collective transport and internal pedestrian mobility.
  • Create an attractive urban environment for the university education in the knowledge areas with the greatest potential for the future, for investigators of reference and young people of raised creative potential and preferential localization for companies whose activity involves innovation and creation of new products and services.



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II Annual Gala of Entrepreneurship
Come and have a coffee with... Carlos Fiolhais e David Marçal

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DEC. 2014

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