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Main Square: Place of meeting, interaction and urban entertainment

The concept the Main Square constitutes the initial stage of requalification and revitalization process of the central zone of the Taguspark.

The objective is to create an integrally pedestrian Square with approximately 10.000m2, space for meeting, interaction and accomplishment of events of urban entertainment, where it’s cross the culture, the creativity and the technological innovation.

The space will allow the accomplishment of open air concerts, street theatre, sculpture expositions, fashion parades, expositions of presentation of new products with stimulating thematic for the users of the Taguspark  – Future, Knowledge, Innovation, Creativity, Sustainability, bringing life to the center of Taguspark.

The Main Square will add new valences of catering, support services, and new spaces for business and R&D institutions, reinforcing the ones already installed in the Central Nucleus building, potentiating the personal contact between teachers, students, academic researchers, staff and business managers, young entrepreneurs, creative and cultural agents, creating a stimulating environment favorable to the synergy, the establishment of partnerships, and the development of projects and products of the future .

Preliminary simulation of the urban environment to create:

Praca central 1

Students Residence

The Residence of Students, with capacity approximately of 86 beds, will be implanted next to the Main Square and the installations of the IST, allowing to the students and young researchers from other parts of the country and from abroad to remain in the Taguspark, contributing with its presence for the vitality of the central area.

Residencia de estudantes 1
Residencia de estudantes 2
Residencia de estudantes 3
Residencia de estudantes 4




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